CASE STUDY: Naked Harvest

CASE STUDY: Naked Harvest

The amazing brand Naked Harvest is all about health and wellbeing, so it seems only natural that this would expand into sustainability as well - as a brand they use eco packaging and plastic free cardboard tubes to package their product! We asked them more about their brand and why sustainability is so important to them. Keep reading for some eco friendly inspiration!

How does your brand incorporate sustainability into the business?

Naked Harvest incorporates sustainability as much as we can by using things like biodegradable peanut fillers, recyclable cardboard boxes and plantation farmed info cards. We also use no unnecessary plastics and our biodegradable postal bags are from our favs, Hero Packaging! Even down to the nature of our products (all-natural, nothing artificial!), everything we do at NH is with the environment in mind.


What does sustainability/sustainable packaging mean to your business?

We believe that we have a responsibility to do right by our planet, and our customers. Sustainability has been built into the foundations of our business from the very beginning because it's something that not only our entire team value, but we know that this is also extremely important to our consumers.

How long have you guys been using Hero Packaging for?

We've been using Hero Packaging for 8 months now.  

What are your thoughts to Hero Packaging/using it for your packaging?

We love Hero Packaging because it fits seamlessly into the ethos of Naked Harvest and our sustainability journey. Consumers everywhere recognise that Hero Packaging is made from biodegradable material, and we love that the postbags come in different colours too! It also gives each of our orders a special touch.

What response did you get from your customers re eco-packaging?

Our customers love it! We get messages daily from new and old customers showing their appreciation for our use of eco-friendly packaging. 

How has your business changed during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Naked Harvest's current mission is to keep our community fit, healthy and motivated during self-isolation. We recognise that our community might be feeling disheartened by the effects of COVID-19, so we're doing everything we can to help them feel supported and engaged. Throughout the pandemic, our community has only gotten stronger, and for that, we are so thankful!


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