Kobash Mats. By Elle



I make special custom mats for assistance dogs and pets, and also gears like collars, lead ropes, hands free gears, the one and only Lead Belt (dog seat belt that is also a lead rope) and now the brand new Komfy K9 Guider series one and two which will soon be released. New prototypes coming soon. All is hand made by me.
What HeroPacks do you use? 
Why do you love Hero Packaging? 
I love being able to make Kobash Mats eco friendly as much as possible, and when I found out about these alternatives to to plastic I had to check them out. I was not disappointed. In fact I was very impressed with the quality and how sturdy they are. I love that they come in fun colours as well and you can really personalise your business with them. They even smell better!
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